Overtime Exemption Audit

In accordance with the Employment Act, no employee should work more than 44 hours per week or 12 hours a day or 176 hours per month  72 hours of overtime work is allowable per month beyond the 176 hours per month. When overtime work exceeds 72 hours per month, OT exemption approval is required. Any company applying for overtime exemption must conduct a risk assessment on the work activities to be undertaken during the overtime exemption period.

The objective of Overtime Exemption Audit is to evaluate risk levels of work activities in an organization to be carried out overtime beyond 12 hours a day.

The audit will be conducted by MOM Approved Risk Consultant (ARC) employed by MOM Approved Risk Consultant Company. The audit covers documentation review, physical inspection to verity implementation of risk control measures and interview of key personnel involved in the work activities.

As an ARC, CGRA will check to ensure all the company’s risk assessments have accounted for:

  • The length of extended working hours
  • The nature and type of work and workload of employees which include, where applicable, adjusted exposure limits to chemical/noise, assessment of heat stress, manual material lifting and other occupational risks. The risk level shall account for all implemented risk control measures. CGRA will review the company’s risk register to verify that all work activities carried out overtime are within tolerable risk levels and no activities listed under Annex A of the Overtime Exemption Application Form are performed during overtime