Total Workplace Safety & Health (Total WSH)

Mental Well Being

Good mental health at work and good management go
hand in hand and there is strong evidence that workplaces
with high levels of mental wellbeing are more productive.
Addressing wellbeing at work increases productivity.
We are here to help!

We’ll facilitate the conduct of the iWorkHealth survey to your employees and conducts at least 2 hours’ worth of activities in the form of talk or workshop for your employees.


Believe it or not, ergonomics can make your job easier
and keep you safer. Musculoskeletal disorders develop
because of repetitive stress and strain to the body system.
This occurs most often at the desk as sitting in
front of the computer and concentrating on computer tasks for
extended periods of time can be damaging to the body if
it is not allowed to rest in a proper configuration during these tasks.


Office and industrial ergonomics talks are proposed to share the basic
concepts and risk factors of ergonomics in workplaces. Attending the talk will help
participants understand what ergonomics risks are and thus recognise the importance of proper workstation set up and proper posture adopted
during work. Simple stretching exercises to relax muscles and
delay onset of muscle fatigue will be demonstrated and
practised in the talk.


Weight Management

Obesity is on the rise and is now a major health concern.
Being obese can lead to diseases such as coronary heart
disease, hypertension and diabetes, but the good news is,
it can be prevented.

Losing weight does not have to involve abrupt changes to
your lifestyle. You can continue to have three meals a day,
moderating its portions and choosing the right type of food.
You can also gradually increase your physical activity and
build up a comfortable exercise regime to look forward to.

Want to learn simple and practical everyday tips on losing weight?
Engage our Fitness Instructor for fun physical activity and
Nutritionist to conduct a nutrition talk / cooking demonstration
through lively interactions and activities with the participants.


Infectious Disease Control

Be it covid-19 or tuberculosis, let our trained Safe Management
Officer and Registered Nurse guide you through the laborious
process of controlling infectious disease.


Worksite Walkthrough will be conducted to understand your
existing infectious disease control measures and recommendations
will be drawn up to help client company to breach the gap.


Safety Coaching

Safety coaching is an effective way to instil culture where workers
are mindful of hazards through reflective discussions.
It also encourages grounds-up ownership of WSH –
through brainstorming of solutions and raise awareness
on “seasonal” topics set by WSHC eg. near-miss reporting
or relevant Campaign messages.


Together with the client company, safety coaching topics
will be decided based on needs, and customisation
of content will be done.



General Safety & Health Talk

Safety and Health talk is a hands-on way to remind
workers that health and safety are important on the job.
The talks deal with specific problems on the job site and
demonstrate the commitment of employers and workers
to health and safety.


We offer broad range of topics ranging from Safety to
Health, providing regulatory and enforcement information,
hazard identification and controls as well as best practices
and other resources to assist employers, workers and safety
and health professionals ensure safer workplaces.


Health Screening & Coaching

Health coaching is a patient-centered approach to delivering care. 
Research has shown that half of patients leave medical visits
without understanding the clinicians’ advice.
Health Coaching helps patients build the knowledge, skills,
and confidence required to manage their chronic conditions
and improve their health.


Health coaches empower patients to play a central role in
clinical encounters and to engage in self-management activities at home, work,
and schools, where they spend most of their lives.


  • During health coaching session, the coach will distribute the individual health screening reports to the health screening participants
  • The coach will give an explanation on how to read their basic health screening
    results, and guide the participants to determine 1 individual health goal with the SMART methodology.

Interested companies may contact the followin

Fiona Tan/ Ariel Ng
Tel : 6398 8747/8636
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Total WSH programme is brought to you by the workplace safety and health council

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